Saturday, April 30, 2011

Wahab, Asad break social silence

Fast bowler Wahab Riaz and batsman Asad Shafiq break the social silence by using their Twitter accounts. For a moment, they might have thought that Twitter wasn't a social site :), but It'd be a bitter pill to swallow for both as Twitter is also a social website with more than 58 million monthly visits.

This photo was uploaded by Wahab Riaz on Twitter. © Twitter
The new contract include a clause for 'no use of social websites while on tour'. "There was no fine or anything, they were just told to not tweet anything. There is a ban on social networking tools under the revised player code of conduct on tours so both were breaking it in a sense. But as they weren't tweeting cricket-related stuff it wasn't a big issue," a board official told ESPNcricinfo, cricket website.

PCB actually barred the players in the aftermath of Zulqarnain Haider controversy. Haider fled to UK to seek an asylum, though largely untraceable, kept the public informed through this status at one of the social networking site, Facebook.

Wahab Riaz even uploaded his photo from the team bus, but It was later removed from his twitter account. Under the new central contract, PCB has strictly prohibited the players from using social websites (Facebook, Twitter, Orkut e.t.c)

"Since it was their first offence they were reprimanded but if they do it again they will face heavy fines and may be suspension from some matches," the source said. Riaz and Shafiq have been the leading performers for Pakistan so far in the series.

No More Tweets....!!!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

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