Sunday, October 24, 2010

Treat everyone equally!


A couple of month back, News of the World, a british tabloid newspaper alleged Pakistani players of spot-fixing in the 4th Test at Lords. They alleged that Pakistani players bowled pre-planned no-balls on the demand of a bookie, Mazhar Majeed. Mazhar was arrested by Scotland Yard on suspicion of a conspiracy to defraud bookmakers. He was caught on camera by The News of the World claiming to have bribed Pakistan's bowlers to bowl no-balls at previously agreed moments during the Test. He claimed to the paper to have up to seven players from the side working for him, though so far only four have been named. ICC ordered PCB to take action, otherwise they would react themselves. PCB didn’t respond and at the end of the day, ICC suspended all three players involved.

Now, The Sunday Times, in their recent edition has alleged Suresh Raina of India of being involved in match-fixing. No action has been taken so far by ICC. Only BCCI thinks that he has been maligned. Where is ICC? Why Suresh Raina hasn’t been suspended yet? That’s not a ‘justice’ to game.

More to follow…

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