Friday, October 15, 2010

Prada Shoes

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Mario and his brother Martino Prada of Italy started the brand in 1913 (then known as Fratelli Prada – or “Prada Brothers”) it has been dedicated to quality and status.  Prada worked as a small family run operation for years until the late 1970's when it entered high fashion and became a true status symbol. Prada began to focus on high quality Prada Shoes For Men and innovated various patents and designs that brought the brand to the level it is at today.
Prada Shoes are available for Men and Women.  The shoes prices start from $150 and you can buy it online as well. Visit Prada Shoes for more details
The Womens Prada Shoes are designed exactly in this fashion, the material will blend and mould until it perfectly suits the delicate women's foot.

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