Monday, October 18, 2010

Gaddafi Stadium gets a new life


After the terrorism attacks on Srilankan Cricket Team in early 2009, Gaddafi Stadium went behind the eight ball. It became a spot for eateries rather than cricket ground. But, recently held domestic T20 tournament has given new life to Gaddafi Stadium.

Other day, In the final match of FaysalBank T20 Cup, Gaddafi Stadium was replete with vehement crowd. Fans came there and enjoyed the brilliance of their favorite players like Shahid Afridi, Abdul Razzaq and Mohammad Yousuf. It was packed fully to its capacity of 22,000 spectators. Every lover of the cricket in Pakistan enjoyed every moment of the game, some on T.V. and others watched it live from the stadium.

Many of them didn’t get a chance to watch it from the ground due to a traffic jam on their way to Stadium. Stadium was packed so much that PCB chairman entered the stadium in Ambulance, not because he is old but because he’s not allowed to enter the stadium.

I hope international cricket will soon be back in Gaddafi Stadium. Thumbs up

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