Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save Pakistan Cricket

The recent allegations on Pakistan cricket by News of the World have damaged Pakistan cricket very much. But unfortunately, no one from Pakistan cricket management is fulfilling his duties in any way. PCB thinks that it is a 'fake' report. But, question arises that why they aren't defending it strongly? Why are they commenting on the issue, in a funny way? PCB blames ICC on every decision ICC takes for the sake of cricket, and, themselves they don't even know how to deal with it? Ijaz Butt, chairman of PCB, has nothing to say other than lame excuses and blames on ICC.

ICC on the other side believes that they are fulfilling all responsibilities. ICC suspended all three alleged players of Pakistan. PCB blamed them of this action. PCB chairman replied that he would neither resign nor take action against any players.

English gutter media found it to be a better time for getting popularity and alleged Pakistan cricket of match-fixing. The allegations by The Sun after a much-needed win for Pakistan in 3rd ODI at Oval proved that the 'conspiracy' against Pakistan cricket is also possible.

At the end of day, It is Pakistan cricket which becomes victim of match-fixing allegations and there is no one to defend it.

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