Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pakistan in a dire need of a 'mensch'

Ijaz Butt's attitude towards his duty proves that he is not a mensch that Pakistan cricket is looking for. © AFP

The last 15 years have been very shocking for Pakistan cricket. Poor performances, controversies and to cap it all, poor management have damaged cricket in Pakistan very badly. Unfortunately, current management is a final nail in the coffin. The current PCB chairman is the worst boss of Pakistan cricket I've ever seen. His attitude towards Younis Khan, the most senior player of test team after retirement of Mohammmad Yousuf, during a very important tour of England proved that he would not sacrifice himself for the sake of Pakistan Cricket.

The recent and the most worst tour of England was repleted with controversies but the two old men in command, Ijaz Butt and Yawar Saeed failed to tackle the situation. Ijaz Butt disappeared from the center following the allegations made by News of the World  on four Pakistani cricketers including the captain of test team, Salman Butt. Pakistan lost Lord's Test on 4th day and lost the series 3-1 too. It was great shock for Pakistan cricket. The Sun, later, alleged Pakistan cricket team after the tourist defeated English team in 3rd ODI at Oval.

Later, Pakistan's bumbling chairman, Ijaz Butt made it to be a chicken and egg situation. These type of funny things are now common in the current PCB management of which Yawar Saeed has resigned from the seat of manager of the team.

Now It's a time for a 'mensch' in Pakistan Cricket 'cause ICC World Cup 2011 is few months to go. Do you agree with me for a complete new structure of Pakistan Cricket.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Save Pakistan Cricket

The recent allegations on Pakistan cricket by News of the World have damaged Pakistan cricket very much. But unfortunately, no one from Pakistan cricket management is fulfilling his duties in any way. PCB thinks that it is a 'fake' report. But, question arises that why they aren't defending it strongly? Why are they commenting on the issue, in a funny way? PCB blames ICC on every decision ICC takes for the sake of cricket, and, themselves they don't even know how to deal with it? Ijaz Butt, chairman of PCB, has nothing to say other than lame excuses and blames on ICC.

ICC on the other side believes that they are fulfilling all responsibilities. ICC suspended all three alleged players of Pakistan. PCB blamed them of this action. PCB chairman replied that he would neither resign nor take action against any players.

English gutter media found it to be a better time for getting popularity and alleged Pakistan cricket of match-fixing. The allegations by The Sun after a much-needed win for Pakistan in 3rd ODI at Oval proved that the 'conspiracy' against Pakistan cricket is also possible.

At the end of day, It is Pakistan cricket which becomes victim of match-fixing allegations and there is no one to defend it.

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Thursday, September 16, 2010

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

PCB performance in match-fixing scandal

It all started when a local newspaper of Britain, News of the World, alleged Pakistan cricketers of match-fixing, involving four Pakistani players in the story. It included, captain of Test team, Salman Butt and other three were young-pacer Mohammad Aamer, wicket-keeper Kamran Akmal and Mohammad Asif. After that shocking news, PCB started to perform as a 'spectator' in the show. And at the end of the day, ICC took action and suspended all the three players leaving Kamran, after he got clearance from Scotland Yard, Investigation Agency in London.

PCB put the whole case in High Commission's court to play with. The disappearance of PCB's chairman, just after the News of the World's report, proved that PCB isn't serious about the match-fixing scandal and is taking it lightly.

The appearance of Yasir Hammed video in the very next edition of News of the World, and once again poor show from PCB, proved that PCB is still expecting any 'miracle' in the show.

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